Jun 24 - Jun 28, 2018

Title : EMBO Workshop “Membrane Fusion in Health and Disease”

Location : Cambridge, U.K.

Speaker : Tetsuya Yomo (Invited Speaker)

Organizer : Cambridge University, U.K.

Abstract : Flagellum beating and membrane remodelling for gamete fusion in mammalian fertilization

July 16-21, 2017 - July 16-21, 2017

Title : XVIIIth International Conference on the Origin of Life

Location : San Diego, USA

Speaker : Tetsuya Yomo (Invited Speaker)

Organizer : International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life (ISSOL); the University of California, San Diego; the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute.

Abstract : Sustainable proliferation of liposomes compatible with inner RNA replication

July 1-2, 2017 - July 1-2, 2017

Title : 2017 Synthetic Biology Young Scholar Forum

Location : Shanghai, China

Speaker : Tetsuya Yomo (Keynote Speaker)

Organizer : the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology Shanghai Jiao Tong University East China Normal University East China University of Science and Technology

Abstract : Experimental construction and evolution of an artificial cell model

August 31 - September 1

Title : Fundamentals of Life in the Universe

Location : Netherlands

Organizer : University of Groningen