Laboratory of Biology and Information Science (LBIS) is a newly established multidisciplinary research center in East China Normal University (ECNU), since 2017. LBLS belongs to School of Software Engineering from 2017-2019 and changes to School of Life Science from 2019. Therefore we have students from both schools.

LBIS focuses the studies on integrative biosciences and information science in a multidisciplinary manner and attempts to address the question of what the universal laws are in the dynamical biological systems, thus, both experimental and computational specialists work together. The mission of LBIS is to make future life predictable upon the universal laws in complex living systems. LBIS provides an international research environment and welcomes both domestic and overseas' researchers and students. LBIS is well equipped with advanced research facilities and offers the language support in English and Japanese for non-Chinese speakers. LBIS builds the international collaborations and provides a platform for the researchers of different backgrounds from the world.