Professor Yomo Delivered Guidance in Person to a New MSc. Student
Time:2017-09-27        Views:36

At 2:00 p.m, Professor Yomo started the weekly discussion with the assistant researchers. A new M.Sc. student, Mr. Cao Yangyang, also came to the meeting.

The two assistant researchers gave their presentation at the meeting. Mr. Xiayang continued to explore the relationship between the Escherichia coli growth and the environmental liposome properties. Mr. Chen Yiyang gave a statistical analysis of two-lipid-made giant unilamellar vesicle movements. Mr. Cao Yangyang presented a chart of (bacteria-number, OD) data pairs and discussed the logarithmic linearity of the corresponding curve.  

After the discussion, Professor Yomo offered Mr. Cao Yangyang a concise calculus course to help him understand deeper the biological mechanism behind the chart. “It is very important to have a solid mathematical background”, Professor Yomo said jovially.